Level 3 Product Technology Pliable Materials

Course Description

Teacher in Charge: Ms R. Walker

Recommended Prior Learning

L2 PDT Pliable is a requirement. Experience in other L2 Technology courses may be considered.

This course is in Pliable Materials Product Technology at level 3. 

This year you have more freedom to create an outfit or garment of your choice.  It must include complex procedures and it will last 3 terms.  The project will be broken up into checkpoints to mark the end of each assessment.  


In the project, you will be required to design an outfit, draft a pattern block, create an applied design and then construct your outfit. The project will take inspiration and style from a designer of your choosing, with a focus on creativity and flair.

There will also be a written external assessment in terms 3 and 4, where you will discuss what makes Good Design.

Learning Areas: