Physical Education

Introduction to Physical Education

 Physical Education has long been a favourite subject with a large majority of ākonga/ students achieving outstanding results in terms of subject/course endorsements and the subject contributing significantly to ākonga/students gaining University Entrance (UE) at Year 13.

HHS Physical Education aims to provide ākonga/ students with the opportunity to develop an extensive range of skills that include both social skills and specific subject knowledge.

The HHS Physical Education and Health department views health and fitness, development of motor skills, an understanding of the value of participating in a wide range of physical activities to ensure ākonga/ students experience positive experiences in sports and physical activity.

Ākonga/ students have the opportunity to participate in as many sports and recreational activities from traditional sports (i.e. Volleyball etc) to challenging tramping/ camping activities. This will enable ākonga/students to develop key knowledge and skills for safety in the outdoors.

Senior school ākonga/ students will improve their understanding of coaching, leadership, exercise physiology through training programs and biomechanical knowledge.

It is highly recommended ākonga/ students are aware of the following:

  • There is a significant increase in theory content (in-class time) from junior Physical Education.

  • Ākonga/ students must have a good command of literacy for report writing.

  • Ākonga/ students must be willing to actively participate in ALL physical activities involved in the subject (i.e. Swimming, tramping, mud runs and camping).

  • Ākonga/ students must have 100% Henderson High School PE  gear.