Level 2 Mathematics with Calculus

Course Description

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Recommended Prior Learning

Prerequisites: AS91027 (MCAT) and AS91028 (TEG)

MAT200C – Mathematics with Calculus

Level 2 Mathematics with Calculus (MAT200C) is an academic course offering a combination of internal and external achievement standards. Successful completion of MAT200C will give students a solid foundation in Algebra, Calculus and problem solving skills in various contexts. This course will also allow entry into CAL300 and/or STS300.

Students will be offered the opportunity to gain a total of 20 credits, comprising of 11 credits internally and 9 credits externally. The course also offers an opportunity for subject endorsement. Pre-requisites: Studied the subject at previous level passing 1.2 (91027) and 1.3 (91028).

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Level 3 Calculus, Level 3 Mathematics, Level 3 Statistics