Level 3 Hospitality

Course Description

Teacher in Charge: Mrs N. Wilderspin

Recommended Prior Learning

Level 2 Hospitality is a requirement for this course.  Experience in other L2 Technology courses may be considered.

In Level 3 Hospitality students explore more complex processing operations and undertake guided and independent research in the realms of coffee history, knowledge, production and service, culinary products and terms and nutrition principles.

Students spend lessons researching recipes, planning for practical tasks; preparing, selecting, portioning and finishing dishes.

Standards also prepare students for their participation in upcoming catering opportunities at HHS in 2021 such as, Y8 taster days, open evenings, senior prize giving, and Pasifika and Māori dinners. The more our Level 3 Hospitality students engage in the running of such events, the more opportunity there is for us to expand our interval cafe service in terms of hours and counter food service.

The two coffee standards challenge Year 13 Hospitality students to further develop them into industry-ready workers. For example, we delve into the history and production of coffee and learn and practice coffee art. Our café gains popularity each year and is a chance for Year 13 hospitality students to gain real work experience as they turn up for their rostered shift to prepare for service, make coffees and serve real paying customers at interval which gives them realistic time pressures to adhere to; and take on the responsibility of assessing and training Y12 up and coming baristas. Students learn how a café works from opening to closing because they are required to return at lunch to pack down and clean and backflush the espresso machine. They are also taught to let me know when our supplies are getting low so we never run out of coffee!

Anyone with a strong interest in pursuing a career or tertiary study in Hospitality, in roles such as flight attendants, hospitality management, food and beverage management, entry-level cooks/chefs, and catering workers of all kinds will enjoy this course. It is a great finishing year for those who have taken Level 1 and Level 2 Hospitality and will be a very handy set of skills to possess for those who anticipate working part-time in the services industry while they complete their university studies.

Hospitality 300 offers 21 unit standard credits.

Learning Areas: