Level 3 Food Technology

Course Description

Teacher in Charge: Mr B. Crisp

Recommended Prior Learning

L2 Food course is a requirement. Experience in other L2 Technology courses may be considered.

This course allows students to explore and investigate topics relating to food, health and well-being of New Zealanders today

In the first half of the year, students will conduct an investigation then supply an action plan in a two-part assessment. 

The first part involves investigating a nutritional issue affecting the well-being of New Zealand. Students will independently choose a nutrition issue and prepare a detailed report on the topic. This must be individual work. The second part of this assessment involves creating, implementing, refining and evaluating an action plan to assess a nutritional issue. Students will have to keep detailed records in the form of a diary of their actions to provide a clear timeline for their plan. Throughout this assessment students will produce a range of food products, exploring real-world examples of New Zealand cuisine and applying it to the nutritional issues that arise in the assessment

In term, three students will investigate and report on the influence of multinational (worldwide) corporations on the way New Zealanders eat. Students will investigate how a multinational has changed New Zealanders beliefs, attitudes or values around food. Practical skills of cookery will be utilised to explore these beliefs, attitudes and values.

Elements of the external will be covered during the internals, students will need to identify advertising techniques and the way advertisements can affect our well-being and decisions around what to eat.

Learning Areas: