Level 1 Mathematics (Academic)

Course Description

Teacher in Charge: Mr R. Kumar

Level One Mathematics - MAT100

NCEA Level 1 Mathematics course is compulsory for all year 11 students. In order to gain NCEA Level 1 certificate, students will need to meet the numeracy requirement, a minimum of 10 numeracy credits. A wide range of achievement standards have been identified as eligible to meet the numeracy requirements.

This is an academic course which consists of four internal assessments and two external assessments. The course offers statistics achievement standards and Algebra based achievement standards which prepares students to choose a pathway towards Calculus and or Statistics. The course also offers an opportunity for a subject endorsement. 

The two external achievement standards offered are Mathematics Common Assessment Task (MCAT 91027) which will be assessed in September by NZQA, while Tables, Equations and Graphs (91028) will be assessed in November. These achievement standards are prerequisites for students planning to do NCEA Levels 2 & 3 Calculus, and would like to pursue Engineering, Science, Computing and other Mathematics related courses in the future at a tertiary institution.