Level 3 Product Technology Resistant Materials

Course Description

Teacher in Charge: Mr I. Tahat

Recommended Prior Learning

L2 PDT course is a requirement. Experience in other L2 Technology courses may be considered.

Technology is intervention by design. In this course, you will learn ways to solve problems through design.  You will experience learning across all three curriculum strands to ensure you become designers of successful, fit for purpose outcomes.  In this course, you will make your products predominantly using Hard Materials such as wood and plastics.

This course focuses on one major project due to the need to include complex manufacturing processes. There are two approaches to L3 PDT. The teacher in charge of the course will suggest the appropriate approach you take, depending on your experience. 

Format A allows students to realise a design of their choice, as long as it includes appropriate processes for the assessment.

Format B is more prescribed to support students with less experience. At L3, students must complete complex processes and to achieve this successfully, detailed plans and appropriate demonstration is required. Past projects include a Ukelele, Computer desk, Complex cabinets.

This project culminates in the submission of a portfolio and technical outcome/prototype. 

In Year 13, you can explore design ideas using either CAD (Techsoft Design, Adobe Illustrator, Sketchup) or Drawing techniques (Sketching, Rendering, Instrumental Drawing). You will also learn to use CAM processes such as tool-pathing for the CNC Router, 3D Printer and the Laser Cutter.

You will learn complex woodworking techniques and develop the ability to work precisely using all available resources at Henderson High.

Learning Areas: