Level 2 Product Technology Pliable Materials

Course Description

Teacher in Charge: Ms R. Walker

Recommended Prior Learning

L1 PDT Pliable course is a requirement. Experience in other L1 Technology courses may be considered.

This course is in Pliable Materials Product Technology. The course is broken up into two units of work, one lasting 18 weeks and the other is 14 weeks.

The first unit is unit based around sustainability. You will select and consult with a stakeholder, construct a shirt to meet the needs of your client while using sustainable practices such as minimum or zero waste. This project also develops planning and construction skills.

7 fashion brands that are designing out waste - Fashion Revolution : Fashion  Revolution

The second unit is a project where you will create an art installation using recycled items.  The installation must convey a message about a chosen aspect of sustainability. You will document your process in the form of a written and photographic blog, which you will complete individually. 

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There will also be a written external assessment in terms 3 and 4, where you will discuss sustainability in design.

Fashion is Getting More Sustainable But More Work Has to be Done – Sourcing  Journal

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Level 3 Product Technology Pliable Materials