Level 3 History

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Level Three History

This course specifically focuses on those aspects of English and New Zealand History that have shaped our legal, parliamentary and cultural identity with an in-depth investigation into the development of legislative Parliaments. 

Students will have the opportunity, however, to select topics of individual interest, that fall within the domain of a significant New Zealand event or place, for all three of the internally assessed Achievement Standards.

Upon the successful completion of course work, students will be permitted to select two Externally Assessed Achievement standards for completion during the November NCEA Examination rounds.

HIS300 will require high levels of literacy, perseverance and time management skills.  Students will need to pursue personal areas of interest to complete both the internal and external assessments.  This course will entail extensive personal reading on your chosen area of research, and choice of topics for the end of year examinations.  Essentially, HIS300 is designed to prepare those students who have future tertiary aspirations. 

There is a compulsory field trip for this course that is free to students. The purpose of this field trip is to gather primary resource material for an in-depth investigation of a significant Historic Place.

Proposed field trips for this subject include Waiheke Island and Stony Batter Historic Reserve. 

Learning Areas:

Social Sciences