Level 1 History

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Level One History

Level One History is an academic subject that requires students to examine and think critically about the world around them. This literacy rich subject covers key concepts and events of New Zealand and global history. This course covers the Origins of World War Two and New Zealand’s Search for Security. It encompasses an analysis of movements, ideas, people and events which have shaped our lives.  Topics that are covered include, the rise of Adolf Hitler, the political and economic consequences of the Armistice, the interwar period 1918-39, the signing of the Treaty of Versailles, the bombing of the Rainbow Warrior, the Erebus Disaster and the 1981 Springbok Tour.

Level One History would suit a student with a strong interest in the world around them.  Students would benefit strongly from taking Geography alongside History.  

General Information: 

The internal assessments for this course will be undertaken both in class and in the students' own time. Reliable access to the internet, while not essential, is recommended. Students are encouraged to use the library in their own time to access digital information as well as make use of the very many resources available.

A good grasp of English as a language is helpful as there are aspects of the course that can be quite text heavy. Reading and writing are an unavoidable aspect of history, and students are encouraged to read widely in their own time to support their study.

Proposed field trips for this subject include Auckland War Memorial and Museum of Transport and Technology. 

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Social Sciences


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