Level 3 Geography

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Level Three Geography

Geography 300 is an academic course designed to provide students with an understanding of human and physical geography topics, both within New Zealand and globally. The physical geography topics include interacting wind and wave processes on the coast and how these form the beach we see, and the global pattern of tropical coral reefs. Human geography topics include investigating whether we are using New Zealand land in the most effective ways, and the planning that goes into constructing and running a significant cultural event in New Zealand.  

Students will use geographic skills to analyse environments, complete geographic research, and look at a contemporary geographic issue. Geography 300 will develop research, essay writing and field work skills in students. This course has a substantial and compulsory field trip component.  Field trips are essential support for assessments in Geography.  All field trips will be free for students to attend.  

Students will find it beneficial to take History 300 or Business 300 alongside Geography 300.  Geography 300 has a prerequisite of 14 credits at Geography, History or Business Studies 200, or approval by the Head of Department.  

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Social Sciences