Level 3 Classics

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Level Three Classics

Classical Studies 300 covers the study of the history, art and architecture, and literature of the Classical World of Greece and/or Rome. 

The course covers the influences of the Classical World on cultures over time, analysis of political ideologies, and a study of the power of art to convey narrative and of architecture to communicate political/religious/societal ideologies. 

Classical Studies 300 would suit a student with a strong interest in any of: psychology, history, art and architecture, politics, sociology, art, and/or literature. Students would benefit from taking subjects in any of the arts/humanities areas.

It is a Table A subject and provides U.E literacy credits across all standards.

The internal assessments for this course will be undertaken both in class and in the students’ own time. Reliable access to the internet, while not essential, is recommended. Students are encouraged to use the library in their own time to access digital information as well as make use of the very many resources available.

A good grasp of English as a language is helpful as there are aspects of the course that can be quite text heavy. Reading and writing are an unavoidable aspect of Classical Studies, and students are encouraged to read widely in their own time to support their study.

Classics 300 has a prerequisite - students must have achieved 14 credits at Level 2 in one of either English, History or Geography.  

Learning Areas:

Social Sciences