Level 1 Chinese

Course Description

Teacher in Charge: Miss W. Wong

Chinese Language Level One

What is Chinese?

Chinese is not only one of the oldest living languages, but it is also a major world language spoken across the globe by over one billion people. As the New Zealand population diversifies, Chinese is becoming a major language in this country while remaining highly important for trade and tourism. For some students, the history and very look of its written characters are fascinating, while for others it is a chance to stay in touch with their own family background. It also explores the culture of Chinese-speaking countries.

This course builds on language already covered in Beginners’ Chinese Year 10. Students are required to translate, listen and engage with the language as much as possible. Students develop their listening and speaking skills in modern standard Chinese (Mandarin) and their reading and writing of simplified characters. They also learn using Pinyin as a means of expanding their range of language.

Students will work towards 14 internal credits and 10 external credits.  The pre-requisite for Chinese Language Level One is Year 10 Chinese Option.